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Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden & Bar

Queen Elizabeth Hall Roof Garden & Bar


It’s hard to miss the bright yellow staircase tacked onto the side of the brutalist Queen Elizabeth Hall; it’s striking and out of place among the drab concrete. I might be misremembering my first visit, but I think I nervously climbed the stairs, wondering if I was allowed to be there. That’s probably why they painted, “Come on up!” in big block letters on the side.


Up the stairs is a gritty, industrial garden designed by Cornwall’s Eden Project. The garden itself is a series of large square planting boxes with tables and chairs checkered throughout. Overlooking the Thames is a patch of astroturf, some benches, and a small bar churning out beer, cider, and Pimms pitchers.

The rooftop garden opened in the summer of 2011 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain, a festival that marked the centennial of the Great Exposition of 1851 (the one in Crystal Palace!) and transformed the landscape of London’s Southbank.

It’s a wonderful place to get a pint and take in London; it sits between the Jubilee and Waterloo Bridges, perched above the South Bank skate park, around the bend and across the river from the Houses of Parliament-- and yet it avoids the touristy junk around the London Eye.


Queen Elizabeth Hall

Southbank Centre

London SE1 8XX


Monday to Sunday: 10am - 10pm



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